sábado, 21 de agosto de 2010

Drowning Dirge CD2

Hola despues de mil años... (total si nadie me comenta ¬¬ )

y para rayar traigo el nuevo CD de Drowning Dirge!
como siempre para molestar he echo una imagen de cada cancion.

DOWNLOAD HERE http://www.mediafire.com/?4res2n4q3ml7k37


Blac Orchid.

It is not that I am scared to learn,
Why I'm empty inside.
hold my hand or show some concern,
If I live or die.
My eyes are open wide.
Help me look inside.

Dirt Room.

I'm like a ghost
I'll be living in a dirt room
Waiting for the day to be closer
To the window when you're home
I'll be standing by your back door
Reaching for the knife in my coat
I'm going to put it to your throat
What a fucking sad way to go
Your mother raised you as a joke
I should have wiped away a burden
Use the curtain in the kitchen to choke

You think you own me
You should have known me
You'll think you'll use me
I'm stronger than you
You take my money, but it's useless
When you see what I do to you.

I could walk away From the light of day
And i'll be happy in the dark
Disassemble in the parts
That you made

That you save
I will be the one
Underneath the sun

I want to close all the doors
Survive under my floors
I betrayed
Your decayed

I want to watch you crawl
Cry a waterfall
Revenge will never be alright
Dancing in the night
Just to play one more game

A starfire at night
Has got me so lonely
Once by my side
You're always gonna haunt me
The city lights so bright
Are shining for me only
All those days are gone
They're not coming back

For me


I only wanted to be somebody
So fucking bad, I came unglued
I only wanted to be somebody
So here we are now, face to face
And I'm fucking you

My fist is for your face to cock the jaw
When I begin to rise, you start to fall

So I'll just stand right here for now
I should have won, but how?
I break a smart ass grin
Who let the loser win?
Let's break a smart ass grin
Let's let the losers win!

River Bellow.

Rejected...since day one
My name is...bastard son
I've been damned...so many times I've lost count

I'm sick and I'm twisted
I'm broken you can't fix it
Don't make me, cause I'll do it

Yeah I'll take all the blame
The front page and the fame
But you'll all know my name
And they'll think I'm insane
But you'll all know my name!


How am I supposed to breathe?
I try to relax. I touch your still frame
So I can watch you closer
And study the ways I believe I belong to you
So I make you my religion, my collision, an escape goat

Can you pretend I'm amazing?
I can pretend I'm amazing...
Instead of what we both know

Now our history is for sale
And for that I apoligize
You see you're my only know how
The study of when I believe I belonged to you
You see I've made you into something delicious,
My sweet ghost...

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  1. Estan todos muy guapos!!
    Vaya mega posts q pones, me encantan :)

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