miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010

You said, "Life just seemed too slow." Distant voices telling me to go... Faster.

Mafer is stable, she's perfectly able to fit into school, she just plays the fool.
Give her his medication before his education.

Mafer was draining, always complaining,
but she needs no supervision now she's watching television.
As each year grows, all her favourite shows,
they keep her out of trouble in his satellite bubble.


Ben y Sil:


Johnny McHale / True Night , de criminal minds:


Tobias hankel de criminal minds:

unsubs de criminal minds:
sin acabar y tal.

Just a little faster, just a little faster,
just a little faster, just a little faster....

2 comentarios:

  1. Buenas señorita!!!

    Peazo de entradas que haces, como molan!!
    Me gustan todos los dibujos y sobretodo Tobias

    En fin guapísima nos vemos en el "cole"! :)

  2. mi favorito el de warren mirandome con "rape face" xDDDDDDD