miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010

swapbot users

HEY Welcome my new swapbot watchers.

I'm sorry that my blog is in Spanish, but you can use that translator-->
on the right of the page.

It traslates a bit bad ..but actually there is no much to read since I only post my drawings.


8 comentarios:

  1. Following your blog from the "I want more blog followers" swap. Jessica - Panda2778 on Swapbot.

    My personal blog: The Unicorn Castle

  2. Tus dibujos son increíbles! Estoy muy impresionado!
    Lamento que mi español es tan horrible, por lo que he usado traductor de google. Lo siento mucho si sale un poco mal.
    Me alegro de ser un nuevo seguidor
    Jorden alias Mrswhiffin el swap bot

  3. Awesome pictures! It doesn't matter that it's in Spanish. :D

    This is blueskydei from the I Want More Blogger Followers swap on swap-bot. :)

  4. Cool pictures!! Muy cool!
    Moonwild from swapbot

  5. Amazing picture! I love the Fringe one! It's one of my favorites TV show! The little dog is lovely! BTW, this is Vicky (recently post a water colour giraffe on my blog, that one..) and I am now following your blog! :D

  6. Following your blog! Hi my name is Teresa (creationsbytee) from Swap Bot's I want more blog followers.

  7. I've been following your blog, just in the shadows. But now with a Translator, I'll start commenting! <3

  8. Me much gusto.

    A little high school Spanish. I can follow your blog to see awesome drawings and work on my Spanish. Bonus!

    dlyn67 @ swap-bot