jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2009

And yet another Fanmix.

Otro de SKHangover, ale pa la Cris y Luis que son los unicos que se lo bajan LOL.

Este me gusta mas que el Vol2.
BAJAR AQUI http://rapidshare.com/files/328560984/serial_killer_hangover_fanmix_vol3.rar.html

Your nightmare.
Theme: Desde el punto de vista de The alley killer hablando de The Reaper.

You wanna bury us with the bones.
Now tell me what the fuck do you know.
You're gonna hide behind those words you say,

But don't think that I don't know.
We wanna bleed for more.
We never wanna get old.
We don't wanna get lost in the fashion.

Come on.

This is your fantasy.
This is your darkest dream.
And it's just become your nightmare
I'll smash your fantasy.

Cos it's not what it seems.

And it's just become your nightmare.
You'll be the one.
Dropping to your knees.
Begging for us to put you at ease.

When the light goes on the darkness will subside
You'll be the one running for your life.

Your so damn pathetic!

theme: Cris.

I hear voices

Deep inside of me

Yeah, freaky voices

That bring out the murder in me

So kiss me softly

So I can sleep

Anything to quiet

The killer in me

World so cold.
theme: Cris

I never thought I’d feel this Guilty and I’m broken down inside
Livin’ with myself
Nothing but lies I always thought
I’d make it

But never knew
I’d let it get so bad

Livin’ with myself
Is all I have I feel numb
i can’t come to life
I feel like
I’m frozen in time

Livin’ in a world so cold

Wasting away
Livin’ in a shell with no soul
Livin’ in a world so cold Counting the days.

theme: Foyet, Mafer.

Sometimes when I lie
I know you're on to me
Sometimes I don't mind
How hateful that I can be

Sometimes I don't wanna be better
Sometimes I can't be put back together
Sometimes I find it hard to believe
There's someone else who could be
Just as messed up as me

Sometimes don't deny
That everything is wrong
Sometimes rather die
Than to admit it's my fault

Sometimes when you cry
I just don't care at all

I want someone to hurt
Like the way I hurt
It's sick but it makes me feel better

Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek
theme: Mafer. (y foyet.)

I drilled a wire through my cheek
And let it down and out my sleeve
And now you're pulling out the best of me
Yeah which never ever comes
This wire is all that's left of me
And its hooked within my gums, within my gums

So drill it, so drill it, so hard i feel it ,s o hard.

I hate to show a need for this
I cut myself to shame
To get to know who's this masochist.

Who's stolen my first name
Pretending he's a teacher
Holding all my weight at ease
But the teacher seems to split in two
Destroying both his knees

Below your broken wings
I lift your feathered left arm
Where you hide your heart from me
I never noticed it was swollen

With a touch of brutal pain
I never knew a heart could live inside
The rust from all your rain, all your rain

This barely beating heart of hurt
and when the hurt comes there's an argument
A fight to save a smile
A small attack on human tears

theme: The Reaper / George Foyet.



Theme: Reaper & Mafu.

Dressed to kill an audience
like you had an audience
don't think you found an audience with me
cause i lay every card on the table
strip the band from its label
i can understand if you're scared of me

and if you're scared you probably should be

getting closer to you
closer to you than god
stripped away from the world
closer to me
tell me just how it feels
to be ripped away from yourself
so detached from the world
closer to me

now both hands behind your back
let me give you a heart attack
don't be scared, i'll bring you back down to me
trust me, i might seem a little dangerous
just because i don't give a f...
of what anyone thinks of me

and if you're scared you probably should be

Break me down
Theme : Cristina & su Alter ego The Alley killer.

A long day alone
The emptiness is so real

Never having peace of mind
Running from what I can't see
And there is nowhere left to hide

Turn and face these empty eyes

All alone, heart untold

Trying to find
I try to find myself
I find the stranger trapped inside
And I'll take one more step away
From a face I used to recognize

Familiar shadows closing in
Suffocating fear descends

You killed a life, uncovered eyes
I'm trying to find

Break me down!

Replace this fear inside
Take this nothingness from me

I want to find

I want to shin
I want to rise
Break me down

Break me!

Bite the hand that bleeds.
theme:Mafer. foyet.

I watch you tap the blood in my vein
My heart you feed on to keep you sustained
A parasite that leaves me cold and drained

I'm in shock and to leave me paralyzed
And the saddest part I realize
The absence of truth behind your eyes

I feel you tapping my soul from my vein
I feel you tapping again on my vein
I feel my life slipping away

One more drop of blood I spill
One more drop you take
One more drop and I will spite
And bite the hand that bleeds...

I see you have two faces turning
Change your face to keep me guessing
You have mastered the art of decieving
(decieving, decieving, decieving)

Now I know no one trusts you
Now I know not even you do
And I think, your salt in my wounds

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