domingo, 12 de julio de 2009

A Killers Neighbourhood

Come with us through the gates of hell,
We will drag you from where you are to where you belong.

There's nothing... to fear,
Your saviours...are here,
This ship is coming down,
This ship is coming down,
The ship is coming down,
Coming down, Coming down.

You... you are so precious,
A diamond in the rough,
And when you try to escape,
I will be holding on, Holding on, Holding on,

But I can't sleep until this is done,
They're in my head,
They're in my soul,

We are in your spirit,
We're everywhere you turn,
From the cover to the cover,
The cover to the cover,
Your lover,
Be your brother,
To your mother,
Or the others.

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